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5 obvious signs that your application needs a UI refresh

Over time, applications age and need to be updated to keep up with the evolution of hardware and operating systems, and user requirements but also to keep up with design level trends. Sometimes, just a user interface/UI refresh will be enough. Aesthetic and functional changes at the interface level can make an old application look modern or meet the requirements of users, but without involving a complete rewrite and implicitly a considerable expense.

Why UX/UI design is so important and how it helps you develop a great product

UI and UX, the two sides of the same coin UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are terms that mean very different things, but only together can they help create digital products that users fall in love with. Today, when the ability to replicate the functionality of a product has increased and more and […]

From fast dribbling to agile sprint. The soccer player who learned how to code

”The soccer player who learned how to code” is the first blog post from a series about people without whom IT Teams could not exist – IT Teams Astronauts. These are stories about us, about what captivates us into this fascinating industry, what motivates us professionally and what makes us move forward. Iulian played professional […]

Prototype and MVP Software Development, services that help startups get off the ground

Developing a Minimum Viable Product ( MVP), a product version with enough features to attract early adopter customers is the best way to reduce the risks. From a high-level perspective, a Minimum Viable Product or MVP is a development technique in which a basic version of a new product is launched, with enough features to get the attention of the consumers.