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Technology stack


  • JavaScript frameworks
  • Microsoft Technologies
  • Java Environment
  • LAMP / Open source
  • Mobile Development
  • Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL
  • RPA, AI IBM Watson

Technology stacks we use include Microsoft technologies ( from core to SQL Server and all the associated frameworks in between) , Java technologies, modern Javascript based front end platforms such as Angular, React , Vue.js.

Where needed,  we employ node.js or we build solutions based on client and server javascript such as Meteor.

We build CMS-based websites by employing frameworks such as Drupal or other PHP based technology.

Where the projects require it, we employ cross-technology systems such as Rediss or Memcached for caching or  SOLR for indexing and full text search.

Software Tools

Tracking Tools

We use project management and collaboration tools such as Trello , Youtrack , Jira or VSTS for tracking projects through their development cycles.
We document requirements as well as technical solutions in Confluence or similar shared knowledge environments.

Communication Tools

Our distributed teams rely on communication environments such as Slack and Ms Teams.

Versioning Tools

The projects we build rely on versioning tools and repositories based on GIT or SVN, either well known such as gitlab, github, bitbucket or custom setups for our clients.

DevOps Tools

We setup CI environments by using TeamCity or GoCD or jenkins based and prefer to employ unit and integration tests whenever possible.

Testing Tools

Test tools our QA engineers employ include tools such as JMeter for automating load tests, Selenium for front end integration tests or simple postmaster script batches for testing API endpoints.