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Agile Methodology

Agile/Scrum/Kanban methodologies are followed by our teams that work in a dedicated fashion for our clients, or are under a time & materials engagement model.
Within our company, we promote agile methodologies for software development processes – it is all about predictable delivery with high quality.


This methodology is employed for fixed price / fixed scope projects. It has 5 stages or 5 D’s: Discovery, Design, Development, Deployment and Delivery.
IT Teams is confident that IT Teams 5D Delivery model would provide insight, measurements and reporting processes to ensure compliance with all the contract requirements.

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  • Project kickoff
  • Project setup
    • Project Tracking, Issue tracking, PM / BA Tools, Agile Tools (Config mng)
  • Requirements management
    • Business Analysis, integration with dev tools, Git, etc
  • Technical solution & Design
  • Development
    • Technologies
  • Integration & Quality Assurance / Verification
    • Testing Tools
  • Acceptance / Validation
  • Retrospective / Continuous Learning
  • Maintenance