Senior Full-Stack C# & Angular Developer

It’s a big project integrating with a 3rd party provider and a strategic project for our partner.

  • Presently most data is maintained manually¬†
  • The data would be split between people and company data
  • They may use an AI component in the solution
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Data Engineer

We are looking for a Data Engineer with experience in analysis and creation of data pipelines, data architecture, ETL/ELT development and with processing structured and unstructured data, including post-go live activities.

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Senior .NET Engineer

We are looking for a Senior .NET Engineer with experience in end-to-end integration of Azure Data factory, Azure SQL & Azure API management into applications.

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Cloud Engineer

As a Cloud Engineer, you will be responsible to ensure optimal end-to-end delivery of IaC to Cloud providers by understanding and overseeing the delivery pipeline.

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Full Stack Java Developer

As a Full Stack Java Developer, you will be responsible for the Full-stack application development using Java EE, Spring framework, Angular and Maven.

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iOS Developer

The new colleague will work on iOS development to contribute into one of the many squads that collaborates on the main iOS project.

He or she will need to deal with old Objective-C code and Swift code, applying patterns like MVVM or MVC depending on the part of the application.

He or she will need to consume rest APIs to connect backends, create the UI in UIKit and ensure quality and compliance of the code by fulfilling pull request precedent and quality gateways.

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