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When your business is live and you need experts for assistance, IT Teams Deep Space Backup provides that help fast. We will commit to creating a recovery plan in 48 hours or less. A recovery plan outlines the technical skill set we will be able to offer, how resources we can deliver and the start date for each engineer.
Our extensive network of engineers allows us to connect you with the help you need on or off site so we can assist with any challenge or take advantage of any opportunity. We understand that speed and flexibility are required and we’ll help boost your core team to succeed. All terms up front so there are no surprises or constraints, simply solutions. Our recommendation is to have on site one of our high quality staff – either a PM or TL, to facilitate know-how transfer to additional staff and to help ramping up remote teams.

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We act fast: we hear your pain, identify top impediments and provide quick patches. Within a few days it’s possible to have the right action plan and appropriate taskforce ready to step in and break down barriers one by one.

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We Focus on getting the job done while minimizing long term risks. Together with you, we prescribe alternative solutions to avoid similar problems in the future.


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