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IT Teams is a software development company with consistent experience in outsourcing and remote staffing. IT Teams assembles passionate experts to help companies and startups achieve success.  We deliver the perfect combination of technical skills, methodology and high speed delivery techniques to help startups and established companies extend their development teams.

IT Teams supplies better software development talent by carefully understanding both client and engineer goals/expectations. For IT Teams as a software development company, success is defined by empowered teams that deliver high quality solutions while providing an outstanding customer experience.

When onboarding new team members, we look for attitude and knowledge which for our team members translate into:

Intelligence. Adaptability. Endurance. Education.

All our astronauts show curiosity and are always ready to solve tricky or complex problems.
To stay safe and be productive in long-term missions, people skills and communication skills are a must.
They know that while working together, providing support at the right time is a lifesaver.
Our team members have many responsibilities so they are highly adaptable, they can move from one task to another and they can work with colleagues from other countries and cultures.
And to succeed in missions where unknown is a certainty, they are willing to change routines and to accommodate new procedures.
Lastly, because it’s all about technology, our astronauts are educated, trained on various tech areas and profoundly understand the concepts behind their tools at hand.

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