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MVP – Minimum Viable Product – MVP Software

Prototype Development

An idea is worth nothing without execution.

An early stage product requires agility which we provide at each level – we focus on speed and results, we provide fast intervention and a wide range of expertise, from UI/UX & design to development, online marketing and support.

Lack of software developers to build your idea?

No Chief Technology Officer or Software Guru to help you with your MVP software ideas?
Are you a company that needs more software developers?
You have less or no experience in software development?

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Shorter time to market

Competition is aggressive so you want to move fast. Selecting the right members to join your team, carefully managing their expectations and ensuring they deliver at 100% takes time and may takes your focus from strategic decisions and proper product development planning. Working with us, you are able to release sooner more product features and since we take the administration burder from your shoulders you have more time to properly steer the product in the right direction.
It usually takes one month to start working with us.

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Knowledge retention

We know that change is the only constant in life and that product knowledge is crucial for your business. We make sure we retain knowledge and we keep your repositories updated so that not only nothing is lost in case of change, but our findings will help new team members adapt fast to your projects regardless of the fact that they are part of your team or part of ours.

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Less Overhead & Admin effort for you

IT Teams understands this and has specialized Project Managers and Business Analysts experienced at supporting businesses during this phase. Working with IT Teams will reduce the time you spend administering growth - allowing you to focus on growing to the stratosphere and beyond!
Gain more time to focus on your business


Access to an experienced team that can hit the ground running

Relief from much of the churn and decision-making that can come along with assembling a team while making key technical decisions

The precise, planned control over your team throughout that comes from tapping into an existing talent pool, as opposed to the uncertainty of hiring in a competitive market

Reduced operational expenses from avoiding long-term payroll and benefits expenses

Mission Control

There is no such thing as a successful launch without Mission Control. IT Teams leverages Business Analysts and Project Managers experienced in startup missions. We can predict many launch blockers and adapt so you launch on-time and on-budget with bulletproof quality.
To deliver fast, Mission Control quickly assembles your team and efficiently executes the development plan.
Your startup will benefit from our experience, so requirements are transposed into specifications and the roadmap you want will be established with a reliable countdown to launch!

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How it works

Recommended Engagement Models

Lean Prototype Development
agile scrum teams, prototyping method

Creating Powerful IT Teams

Step 1

Quick prototyping

Quick Prototyping helps the startups to have a working and demo ready Prototype. The prototype gets to a state where startups can use the solution for demos, and get feedback from customer.

Step 2

Collaborative development

Collaborative Development is achieved where we help the startups develop the idea with long term technical planning and roadmap. The startup and IT Teams will have dedicated team each having expertise in specific area (such as architecture, design, development).

Step 3

Arch guidance and technology guidance

The principle of the product is to make sure it stays within the guidelines of the vision. Arch Guidance and Technology Guidance is an important asset to the line of our company. We also have the purpose to revamp an existing product in order to enhance the architecture of the overall product.

Step 4

End to end product development

End to End Product Development gives the startup specialist the means to develop from beginning to the end. When a product is developed within our company, the basis of the product is developed within the limits of the company.