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IT Teams is your perfect application development partner when it comes to crafting a vehicle to help you reaching your goals or setting up or keeping your outpost. Whether you need to build or maintain, we have the required tools, processes, knowledge and attitude.

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Custom Application Development and Maintenance

Custom Software  Development

Custom software development is the designing of software applications for a specific purpose or group of users within your organization. Such software is designed to address your needs precisely as compared to the more traditional ready-made software. Such applications are typically created just for your specific entity and is not packaged for reselling.
Customized software development entails the commissioning, development and release of a software product keeping in mind a specific need.The software is designed keeping the company’s infrastructure, branding and implementation needs in mind, implying it will be unique to that particular company.

Software Maintenance Services

IT Teams provides corrective, preventing and enhancing maintenance, helping the client benefit from a mature process designed to increase the adoption of internal software tools while reducing the reactive efforts to maintain the client application portfolio developed by IT Teams. You can construct a roadmap and IT Teams helps you further your goals in an organized manner. Our team works closely with your users to understand and explore the solution to its maximum capacity  and benefit from all its features.

Old tools? High effort to capture clients?

Are you a company that is growing fast and need support managing an ever increasing client base with limited inhouse resources?
Does your product roadmap include important changes which are being delayed because of lack of resources?
Do you have a high turnover in your team that leads to product knowledge loss?

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Personalized solution

When you buy ready-to-go software solutions, it is not guaranteed that it will be a perfect fit for your organization. Custom software built as per your specifications avoids the risk of failure in implementing the solution, provided that it is developed by the right team who understand your requirements perfectly.

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Cost effective

The costs involved in building a custom software solution maybe high in the beginning, but they prove beneficial in the long run. Custom software does not require constant change or development to suit company requirements as the solution is unique and is not dependent on having a version that suits multiple companies and that needs to be upgraded for all users. They can be used with very little investment for a long time.

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Well known and widely used software solutions are the ones that are hacked often as they are publicly available and hackers exploit vulnerabilities and know how to compromise the security of the solution. Software developed exclusively for your organization reduces the risk of intrusions.

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You have the flexibility to scale your application as per your solution roadmap at your own pace.Custom software can be scaled according to the changing needs of the company. Packaged solutions are difficult to customize as they need to maintain stability as they serve a large customer base. In the long run it gets cumbersome and expensive to adapt your business to packaged solutions rather than the other way round.

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Software has become an integral part for operation of modern day companies. Custom software development keeps in mind integration of the new solution with the current software and hardware infrastructure of the company thus making it readily compatible. Packaged solutions usually have problems integrating with different tools available within the organization.


Ease of use

The solution is designed for you, it will not reflect everybody’s needs but your particular situation. It will solve your problem for your business so your co-workers and end-users will be more likely to adopt it compared to any other off-the-shelf solution.

You are in control

Your have the IP, and ownership of software means you are in control. Your solution is more secure compared to largely used solutions which are a constant targets for hackers.

Increased productivity

Bespoke solutions provide increased productivity as it covers only your processes, and not competitor’s processes, it reflects the essence of your business context, so data flows and user interactions with the software are fully optimized.


A custom software application is usually integrated with existing software solutions used by your organization in conjunction with software systems used by your customers or suppliers.

Yes, you are unique and so are your needs.

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How it works

Able to talk your business language and having an increased appetite for attention to details, IT Teams is the stellar vehicle to drive you to your goals.

Recommended Engagement Models

Fixed Price Fixed Scope
Iterative Agile models or classic Waterfall model

Time & Materials
Agile Scrum / Kanban models

Step 1

We speak your business language. We share your goals.

Custom needs and unique business context like yours require flexible software tools that can easily be adapted to respond to changes. We speak your business language so that we stay focused on your business goals when designing the architecture and implementing the technical solutions.

Step 2

We build the vehicle to meet your goals.

We pay high attention to details as we know small errors are the source of significant deviations in the long run. That translates into high quality delivered constantly and demonstrated to you through relevant prototypes.

Step 3

We test before launch.

Followed by frequent short test – adapt – release cycles, our process ensures we always deliver effective solutions within reasonable timeframes. We help you learn to steer the vehicle and how to use it at full power. We supervise and guide your efforts to completely test and validate all features.

Step 4

Launch. Monitor. Maintain.

We celebrate the launch and provides after launch monitoring and support as required.