Senior Full Stack Developer

IT Teams is a Romanian company specialized in software outsourcing and remote staffing. We aim to assemble passionate experts to help companies and startups achieve success. We deliver the perfect combination of technical skills, methodology and high speed delivery techniques to help startups and established companies extend their development teams.


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Senior Full Stack Developer

Wondering what it is like to work with a start-up emerging organization? Want to make an impact in building this organization that is changing the Complementary Alternative Medicine industry? 

We were a small but now growing team that is extremely passionate, works hard, loves to laugh and have fun while innovating and pushing the boundaries on the industry’s status quo. This opportunity is perfect for someone who wants to be a part of an ambitious organization with plenty of room for growth. A passion for the product and the positive impact it has on practitioners and patients is what unites and motivates us.

Accepted full remote or IT Teams Office

Long term, 8h per day

April 2024


  • Supporting Development Efforts: Providing support for development initiatives aimed at creating new platform functionality or enhancing existing features. 
  • Involvement in Architectural Design and Development Standards: Actively participating in architectural design and establishing development standards for the team.
  • Monitoring Platform Health and Performance: Overseeing and monitoring the health and performance of the platform to ensure optimal functionality. 
  • Hands-On Full-Stack Programming Skills: Being a hands-on individual with expertise in full-stack programming, particularly in .NET/Core Frameworks, ASP.NET, Angular, JavaScript, and TypeScript.
  • Problem Discovery and Research: Identifying and researching problems, collaborating with the team to devise acceptable solutions. 
  • Tool Proficiency and Knowledge Acquisition: Acquiring knowledge of tools essential for successful task completion and adapting to new tools as needed. 
  • Business Use Case and Technical Requirements Analysis: Understanding and analyzing both business use cases and technical requirements, and proficiently designing, building, and integrating a diverse range of internal and external functionalities. 
  • Ensuring Code Quality: Taking responsibility for code quality by adhering to coding rules, maintaining a consistent coding style, and providing clear and meaningful comments. 
  • Collaborating with Product and Project Managers: Working closely with Product and Project Managers to assign team members with the most relevant experience to features and tasks.
  • Contributing to Team Development Efforts: Actively contributing to the development efforts of the team, emphasizing the belief that the best way to understand the system is by actively participating in its construction 



  • Proven experience as a senior software developer – independent, able to provide technical solutions to requirements with a lower to moderate complexity, able to demonstrate a strong understanding of the software development life cycle. 
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in backend development using .NET Core Frameworks & SQL Databases. 
  • At least 3 years of experience building complex web applications using Angular / AngularJS (or other similar JavaScript based frameworks). 
  • Previous experience in back-end technologies: .NET 4+/Core 3+ Frameworks, ASP.NET / MVC, IIS, SQL Server 2016+, NHibernate, Entity Framework, CQRS, SignalR, Hangfire. 
  • Previous experience in front-end technologies: DevExtreme, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Design, Web Components, Caching and Browser storages etc.
  • Other technical skills: Could Systems – AWS / Microsoft Azure, REST APIs, Distributed systems, Microservices/SOA architecture, Docker, RabbitMQ / SignalR, Azure DevOps (or any other CI/CD), Swagger, JIRA.
  • Proven experience using GIT repositories, advanced CI/CD practices constitute a plus. Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills.
  • BS/BA in Computer Science or equivalent experience.


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Why IT Teams:

We are driven by curiosity so we conduct a Discovery Process, ensuring that the technology we deliver stays in tune with customer’s business goals. We encourage our team members to speak up, to share their advices and worries if any, so we are able to properly handle the software development projects risks. Honesty is a key ingredient of our collaboration with customers as well with our colleagues. Our Commitment towards customer goals is reflected by our regular progress reporting, a constant revision of project goals and deadlines and a solid quality control.

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