28 May 2019

How Does Romania Rank Judging by International Software Development Standards?

How do Romanian developers perform in terms of software development standards, quality and efficiency?

It’s no doubt that IT is the most dynamic sector with the greatest development potential for Romania and the software development sub-sector is incrementally growing, surpassing the most optimistic expectations in terms of quality and software development standards.
“It’s one of the areas we can boast of. Romania has become a true regional software hub, being outlined as Europe’s Silicon Valley” – this is how the research specialists from KeyFin began their study over the Romanian software industry.

But how do Romanian developers perform in terms of software development standards, quality and efficiency? It is a well known fact that IT outsourcing faced some difficulties in the past, in other words outsourcing can be a great idea but sometimes a terrible execution. From hidden costs to confidentiality issues and from poor code quality to messy project plans and delivery schedules, a wide array of problems plagued the software development standards in the past.

The question is: Do Romanian teams successfully avoid these problems?
The answer is complex but Romania is ranking high when it’s about software development. No doubt that outsourcing to Romania has its perks and it’s no wonder that many entrepreneurs chose the Eastern European country to deliver their projects.


Romania is closest to Europe

No doubt the time differences are quite favorable when we speak of aligning schedules. Romanian developers can work the same work hours as the Western companies.


Romanian developers are competitive even from school

Lately Romanian developers showed their talent and many young students won Mathematics and Informatics international contests.


Latin country with high English proficiency

When it comes to software development standards, English is mandatory. Romanians have English as the primary foreign language taught in school and generally the developers speak fluent English.


Graduates / Inhabitance

Romania is the leader in Europe, and sixth in the world, in terms of the number of certified IT specialists, with density rates per 1,000 inhabitants greater than in the US or Russia. There are almost 100,000 specialists in the IT sector. Approximately 5,000 of the 30,000 engineers graduating every year in Romania are trained in ICT.


Proudly part of the EU

Romania is a member of European Union, thus all fiscal and administrative advantages of EU are available when considering relocating your development team in Romania.


Keeping in mind all these what do you think about developing your project in Romania? IT Teams has many successful examples of projects seamlessly delivered all across the world. Drop us a line!