19 Jul 2018

Smart Alliance Representation @ Ovidiu University Constanta – Estic Competition

IT Teams CEO – George Tudor will represent the Smart Alliance Cluster.

IT Teams Smart Alliance Representation –  CEO- George Tudor will represent the Smart Alliance Cluster, as part of the jury at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatica – Ovidius University Constanta, that will evaluate the projects submitted by students taking part in the ESTIC competition. Participating as a jury member,  IT Teams interacted with the students and witnessed very informative demonstrations of applications developed to solve problems in an innovative manner.
About Smart Alliance & The Smart Alliance Summit

The 2018 Summit brought together over 500 participants and provided a perfect networking platform for the IT industry as well various International Chambers of trade and commerce. IT Teams – one of the few outsourcing specialists in the Alliance – represents a solution to the evergrowing demand for nearshoring partners from Europe and other parts of the world.

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