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Software Development Services

Application Development and Maintenance
The Right Tools for Your Engine
The Right Tools for Your Engine

Application Development, Software Development and Maintenance

Custom Application Development, Software Development & Software Maintenance

As a part of our software development services, IT Teams provides corrective, preventing and enhancing maintenance, helping the client benefit from a mature process.

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Dedicated Software Development Teams
Stratospheric Growth
Stratospheric Growth

Dedicated Software Development Teams

Product development for Saas and IT Companies

Accelerating and sustaining Growth is an IT Teams specialty. We help companies build and operate their dedicated software development teams.

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Software Solutions for Startups
Up, Up & Away!
Up, Up & Away!

MVP Software Solutions for Startups

Prototype & MVP Software Development for Startups

IT Teams builds the team you need to get off the ground.

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Nearshore Romania Staff Augmentation
Deep Space Backup
Deep Space Backup

Nearshore Romania Staff Augmentation

Remote and local staffing providing software talent teams

Passionate Experts when you need them – fast. We provide short-term support for staff augmentation during your peak periods

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Why IT Teams?

Focus on
your needs

Our Discovery Process ensures that we stay in tune with customer’s business goals.


We encourage our team members to speak up and bring up their personal vision. Honesty is a key ingredient of our collaboration with customers as well with our colleagues.

to your goals

Our Commitment towards customer goals is supported by regular progress reporting, constant revision of goals and deadlines and a solid quality control.

Value for money

Besides technology we add value by retaining knowledge & talent, providing a continuous project tracking and offering methodology advices.


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Custom Software Development - Kune Burgers

K. Burgers,

It's always a pleasure to visit Bucharest and meet IT Teams, a reliable and professional team that helps in maintaining and developing new features for our platform.

Custom Software Development - Ran Oren

Ran Oren, Keep In Touch Systems

"IT-Teams jumped in and helped us at a critical moment while developing our POS platform which had to be integrated with various peripherals."

Custom Software Development - Rosalie

Rosalie G

"We would like to thank you a lot for the good discussions and progress we made during your stay here in the Netherlands, they were very fruitful days."

Radu Stefanescu, Entrepreneur

When it's about custom software development, IT Teams delivers the best outcome with impressive work ethic and requirements understanding. Thank you IT Teams!

Our Clients

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Custom Software Development - University of Leeds
Custom Software Development - Tandarts
Custom Software Development - Unified Practice
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