Long Term

Full Remote

8 hours per day

Asap, November 2021


  • • They are building infrastructure in a new company to mostly match our existing infrastructure, with some deviations.  The applications using this infrastructure in the current company need help to alter their applications to work with the modified infrastructure in the new company.  
  • • Currently, they have an open LDAP directory, associated web services, and an Oracle view of the directory.  In The new company, they will have one fewer web service and no Oracle view.
  • • Applications need help modifying their application code and configuration to switch to a new web service, to switch from their open LDAP directory to Microsoft Active Directory, or to modify code to deprecate the usage of the Oracle view, maybe by leveraging a web service or implementing a connection to Active Directory from their application database.



  • • LDAP (accessing data from LDAP directories via LDAP queries);
  • • SQL configuration (specifically querying Active Directory Data from SQL Server);
  • • SOAP web services;
  • • Development using visual basic (VBA) for applications (specifically Excel);
  • • Various scripting and programming languages (ie. C#, VB, Perl, Powershell).


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