Junior & Mid ServiceNow Developer

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Junior & Mid ServiceNow Developer

A ServiceNow Developer for ServiceNow SecOps is responsible for developing and implementing security operations workflows and integrations within the ServiceNow platform, ensuring the security of the organization’s IT infrastructure. They work closely with security analysts and operations teams to identify security risks, develop solutions and automate workflows to enhance security posture.

IT Teams Office (Calea Floreasca, nr.60) - Remote accepted

8 hours per day (long term)

July 2023


  • Developing and implementing security workflows and integrations within the ServiceNow platform to enhance the security posture of the organization’s IT infrastructure;
  • Configuring and customizing the ServiceNow Security Operations module to manage security incidents, vulnerabilities, and threats;
  • Integrating ServiceNow with third-party security tools and data sources to enable automated threat detection and response;
  • Implementing ServiceNow security controls such as role-based access control (RBAC), data encryption, and audit logging to ensure data privacy and compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • Customizing ServiceNow security dashboards and reports to provide real-time visibility into the security posture of the organization;
  • Collaborating with security analysts and operations teams to identify security risks and develop solutions to address them;
  • Keeping up to date with new security threats and vulnerabilities and recommending best practices for securing the ServiceNow platform and the organization’s IT infrastructure;
  • Participating in security incident response activities and providing technical support to investigate and remediate security incidents.



  • SOAR/SIOC experience;
  • Security Operations (SecOps) Security Incident Response knowledge;
  • ServiceNow Developer (Good knowledge in Java Script);
  • ServiceNow ITBM/ITSM/Asset Management specialist;
  • ServiceNow Certified System Administrator.


Nice to have:

  • Experience in the insurance industry;
  • Experience with HTML, CSS or Python.


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Why IT Teams:

We are driven by curiosity so we conduct a Discovery Process, ensuring that the technology we deliver stays in tune with customer’s business goals. We encourage our team members to speak up, to share their advices and worries if any, so we are able to properly handle the software development projects risks. Honesty is a key ingredient of our collaboration with customers as well with our colleagues. Our Commitment towards customer goals is reflected by our regular progress reporting, a constant revision of project goals and deadlines and a solid quality control.

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