IT Teams Office (Calea Floreasca Nr. 60) - Remote accepted

Part time, short term with potential extension

April 2024

About the Candidate:

  • They will have demonstrable experience of updating and maintaining mobile SDKs for optimal performance and compatibility; 
  • Have the ability to work independently and with minimal supervision to meet deadlines and project goals; 
  • Strong problem solver and critical thinker under pressure; 
  • Be a proactive communicator and collaborator with the Lead Mobile Engineer and other team members; 
  • Continuously seek to improve the quality and reliability of the client’s mobile offerings; 
  • Will have a commitment to ongoing learning and development in mobile engineering and open banking technologies; 
  • BONUS: Display a strong understanding of open banking principles and how they apply to mobile development; 
  • BONUS: Display a strong understanding of data standards;
  • BONUS: Display a strong understanding of identity verification.



  • Update and maintain mobile SDKs ensuring compatibility with the latest mobile operating systems and devices; 
  • Work closely with the Lead Mobile Engineer to plan and execute development strategies; Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather requirements and ensure the technical feasibility of mobile solutions; 
  • Implement security best practices in mobile development to protect user data and comply with financial regulations;
  • Provide technical support for mobile SDKs, including troubleshooting and debugging issues.


Technical Requirements:

  • Proficient in Kotlin, showcasing mastery in writing efficient and maintainable code; Proficiency in Jetpack Compose, demonstrating the ability to develop modern and dynamic user interfaces for Android apps; 
  • Proficiency in Coroutines and Flows, displaying expertise in handling asynchronous operations and reactive programming in Kotlin; 
  • Proficiency in Retrofit, exhibiting adeptness in integrating RESTful APIs seamlessly into Android applications; 
  • Proficiency in RoomDB, demonstrating expertise in implementing and managing local databases in Android apps;
  • Expertise in Swift, illustrating mastery in iOS app development and leveraging Swift’s features to build robust applications;
  • Proficiency in Tuist, displaying the ability to manage Xcode projects efficiently and improve project scalability and maintainability; 
  • Proficiency in SDK Management, exhibiting adeptness in managing software development kits and dependencies effectively; 
  • Proficiency in CI/CD for mobile apps, illustrating expertise in setting up and maintaining continuous integration and delivery pipelines for mobile applications; Expertise in Objective-C, showcasing proficiency in legacy code maintenance and integration within iOS projects;
  • Expertise in Technical English, demonstrating strong written and spoken communication skills for effective collaboration and documentation within the development team
  • Expertise in UIKit, demonstrating mastery in designing and implementing user interfaces for iOS applications;


Working Practices

  • Agile development practices, with a focus on Scrum or Kanban methodologies; 
    • 1:1 check-ins with the Lead Mobile Engineer and Engineering Manager 
    • Cross-functional team meetings to align on goals, timelines, and deliverables (standups) 
    • Refinement 
    • Planning (ceremonies) 
    • Technical review sessions to discuss challenges, solutions, and best practices in mobile development. 
  • Regular sprint planning, retrospectives, and stand-ups to ensure continuous progress and improvement. 
  • Tooling includes: 
    • Development tools: Android Studio, Xcode, and Visual Studio Code. 
    • Project and task management tools: Jira . 
    • Collaboration and communication tools: Slack. 
    • Source control and CI/CD platforms: Git, GitHub.


Additional Information

  • Working 2 days a week (may require more but this is the minimum);
  • Able to work within UK working hours for a minimum of 7+ hours/day on days worked.


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