Long Term

Bucharest, Pipera

Full time, 8 hours/day

Asap, November 2019

Your Role:

As a back-end developer‚Äč, the prefered technologies to be covered by your experience are LAMP based.
We expect to have to deal with various CMSs such as Drupal, WordPress, and various eCommerce solutions.
Your additional knowledge with Symfony/Laravel/CodeIgniter frameworks is very important.
The diversity of platforms and open source tools in general is appreciated

Match Your Skills:

Flexibility, communication and teamwork are key ingredients for your role.
Not only do you have at least 3-4 years experience in web development, but the diversity of project context is very important.
It is of great importance to see your ability to switch from one CMS to another, your ability to suggest what CMS is a better fit for a particular situation.
You must be able to work independently, be able to assess project requirements and ask for clarification whenever necessary.
You will have to ensure the solutions developed by you are installed and run smoothly in live environments.
You must have previous experience with agile team organizations.

Technology Stack:

PHP, Drupal, WordPress, Symfony/Laravel/CodeIgniter

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