IT Teams Office (Calea Floreasca, nr.60) - Remote accepted

Long term

September 2023

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design, develop, and maintain cloud-native microservices applications adhering to best practices and architectural principles;
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define application requirements and ensure seamless integration with other services;
  • Utilize your expertise in Java to build efficient and scalable microservices that meet performance and reliability standards;
  • Write clean, maintainable, and well-documented code;
  • Work with Docker to containerize microservices for efficient deployment and scaling;
  • Use Kubernetes to orchestrate containers, manage deployments, and ensure high availability;
  • Manage and optimize data storage using PostgreSQL, ensuring data consistency, reliability, and performance;
  • Implement caching strategies using Redis to improve data access speed;
  • Apply your knowledge of cryptography to secure data and communications, including the use of Hardware Security Modules (HSM), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), SSL/TLS, and other encryption techniques;
  • Collaborate with security teams to implement and maintain robust security practices within microservices.



  • Experienced with working in a cloud-native microservice architecture;
  • Experience with Java; 
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes;
  • Experience with PostgreSQL ;
  • Experience with Redis;
  • Familiar with cryptography: HSM, PKI, SSL/TLS.



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