DevOps Engineer

IT Teams is a Romanian company specialized in software outsourcing and remote staffing. We aim to assemble passionate experts to help companies and startups achieve success. We deliver the perfect combination of technical skills, methodology and high speed delivery techniques to help startups and established companies extend their development teams.


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DevOps Engineer

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced DevOps Engineer to join our team for our client. The ideal candidate will possess deep expertise in Azure Infrastructure and intermediate skills in Kubernetes. This role is crucial for managing and optimizing the infrastructure to ensure seamless and efficient operations.

Accepted full remote or IT Teams Office

Long term, full time

June 2024

Wondering what it is like to work with a start-up emerging organization? Want to make an impact in building this organization that is changing the Complementary Alternative Medicine industry?

We were a small but now growing team that is extremely passionate, works hard, loves to laugh and have fun while innovating and pushing the boundaries on the industry’s status quo. This opportunity is perfect for someone who wants to be a part of an ambitious organization with plenty of room for growth. A passion for the product and the positive impact it has on practitioners and patients is what unites and motivates us.



  • Design, implement, and manage Azure infrastructure solutions.
  • Ensure the secure and efficient operation of Azure-based systems.
  • Develop and maintain Cloud Landing Zones and adhere to Microsoft Adoption Framework.
  • Manage and configure VLANs, ExpressRoute, and VPNs for optimized connectivity.
  • Create and maintain Kubernetes clusters (AKS), including app deployments and cluster maintenance.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure infrastructure aligns with business needs.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to Azure infrastructure and Kubernetes environments.



  • Azure certification AZ-104 or equivalent (required).



  • Extensive practical experience with Azure infrastructure (required).
  • Proven track record as a system administrator with a specialization in Azure.


Technical Skills:

  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Adoption Framework.
  • Proficiency in creating and managing Cloud Landing Zones.
  • Expertise in VLANs, ExpressRoute, and VPN configurations.
  • Intermediate to advanced skills in Kubernetes, specifically in creating and maintaining clusters (AKS) and deploying applications.


Additional Skills:

  • Strong problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple priorities effectively.


Preferred Experience:

  • Prior experience in a senior role managing Azure infrastructure.
  • Hands-on experience in complex network setups involving ExpressRoute and VPNs.
  • Intermediate experience in Kubernetes beyond basic usage, focusing on cluster management and deployment processes.



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Why IT Teams:

We are driven by curiosity so we conduct a Discovery Process, ensuring that the technology we deliver stays in tune with customer’s business goals. We encourage our team members to speak up, to share their advices and worries if any, so we are able to properly handle the software development projects risks. Honesty is a key ingredient of our collaboration with customers as well with our colleagues. Our Commitment towards customer goals is reflected by our regular progress reporting, a constant revision of project goals and deadlines and a solid quality control.

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