Bucharest - 50% remote, 50% hybrid role

8 hours per day (long term)

May 2024

The role will focus on all areas for business change (process/people/data) to help deliver the transformation needed within Digital Initiatives and support the business in other transformation / adoption challenges as required. It will enable GSD product lines (PL) / partners to be sufficiently prepared for the impact of new change / transformation that will be heading their way. Including such topics as; understanding and supporting the change, acquiring required skills to support new business tools / systems, and adjusting business processes / data and working practices to take on new solutions. 

The candidate must have a very strong background and relevant experience in change management / Transformation and communications. They will be required to interview stakeholders at a senior level and not be afraid to challenge the “status quo” at a senior level when challenges are presented (which would normally be seen as total blockers). 


Key Responsibilities 

  1. Platform Selection:
  • Take over the co-lead of the new event management platform to identify the one that best meets our organization’s needs.
  • Includes: assessing features and business requirements, usability, strategic and technical aspects, cost, and other relevant factors
  • Take care of the initiation and completion of the IT application compliance process
  1. Implementation:
  • After the vendor/platform is selected, you will lead its implementation.
  • Includes the following main aspects: initial tool set-up, customization to our processes and brand, integration to other communications and marketing applications, user communication and onboarding
  • Execution will be done by the selected vendor, so your task will focus on aligning and taking the necessary decisions on customer side as well as taking care of the project management
  1. User and Community Tasks:
  • Take care of regular training sessions, user exchange and learning
  • Keep all key stakeholders informed and manage requirements of all stakeholder groups
  • Ongoing and ad-hoc stakeholder support and further service management tasks
  1. Vendor Management:
  • Foster strong relationships with the platform vendor
  • Includes contractual topics, budgeting (e.g. monitoring the event slot usage to ensure adhering to the contracted scope), troubleshooting, platform development, other service aspects  Done in alignment with Procurement and SE IT
  1. Platform Management:
  • Oversee the day-to-day management of the platform
  • Includes ensuring the platform is running smoothly, managing updates and upgrades, and troubleshooting any issues
  • Done in alignment with SE IT
  1. Analytics:
  • Support with the implementation of (automated) monitoring and analytics processes
  • Help with tracking performance and gathering data to assess tool usage and event experience and support with platform and process optimization


Additional Responsibilities 

  • Support the documentation of end-to-end application-related processes within communications
  • Support the stakeholder management and communication, including measurement
  • Assist in designing, planning and management of process improvement and automation tasks
  • Contribute with trends and market research



  • Event management know-how: Familiarity with event management software (Cvent, Webex Events or similar) and communication/marketing software
  • Project management: Strong organizational and project management skills, ideally in the area of application onboarding and management
  • Stakeholder management: Ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams and manage vendor relationships, service mindset
  • Technical expertise: Understanding of software integrations and IT infrastructure as well as analytical strength
  • IT compliance awareness: Understanding of corporate governance and compliance processes



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