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Top 3 App Development Technology Trends of 2019 for Software Development Companies

Software development companies are persistently looking for ways to grow their business. But, with so many players in the market, it is never a smooth run for them.

Businesses depend on the demand for their product or services, while the requirements of the clients resonate with the market trends. The market is ever-changing, and the patterns are moving at a breakneck pace. But, it is not easy for the companies to persistently keep up to date on technology, standards, and frameworks.

In such a situation, to survive in a highly competitive market, one has to be the best! The top players are those software  development companies that can deliver the perfect products or services as per the client expectations.

So, what do they expect from the app developers in 2019-20? To answer this, let us look at the emerging and the most popular technology trends that are keeping the top app development companies busy!   

  • AI

It is essential that the apps developers deliver practical solutions that adapt themselves to the ongoing user interactions. Artificial intelligence can offer this capability to software applications.

Businesses grow through customers, and better customer service is the key to customer referrals. There were problems associated with the real-time systems which were then dependent on human resource. And, digital systems were not as effective in giving a personalized response.

The development of AI-empowered chatbots and virtual assistants has triggered a significant change in how businesses interact with their customers. These are now replacing the conventional systems which could not allow any real-time interactions.

The apps using AI are more effective in customer dealings. And, the customers are getting more and more accustomed to the AI-based apps. And, faster customer dealings help them make the customers happy.

AI also helps businesses in better user profiling and catering specifically to the different customer needs. So, the businesses are leveraging AI for advertising. It makes the processes faster and more reliable for them.    

To be able to beat the competition, only the app development companies that can do well integrating AI functionality in apps are expected to stay in the market. But, just adding the AI-functionality is not sufficient. The end product must be fast, reliable, and fast updating. This is one of the biggest challenges that the developers of AI have to overcome.    

  • Blockchain

Technology has helped in making the world smaller. Businesses can now expect to grow across countries. Talent hiring has also become more accessible. So is the case with talent management as the cloud technologies support remote teams.

But, when dealing globally, it becomes crucial that the transactions are secure and legally compliant. Moreover, data privacy hazards cannot be ruled out. Security and contract management have always been prime concerns for businesses working globally.

Blockchain technology offers reliable ways of managing transactions and contracts. Smart contract systems allow safe data storage and retrieval. The terms and conditions between the parties are encoded into the system itself which ensures that these are executed without fail by the participants. It becomes the responsibility of the system to enforce the terms of the agreement.

The transactions in a blockchain-based smart contract are automated and do not require any intermediaries between the parties executing the agreement. When the sub-processes and third parties are not involved, the system is faster.

Monetary transactions are through the smart contract application which takes care of disbursing the payments as scheduled in the agreement between the parties. Each transaction is known to all the participants in the blockchain. When there are so many benefits in one package, businesses will opt for the technology that can offer all of these!   

As the systems are growing more and more digital, the demand for fool-proof blockchain based systems will increase.

The real challenge for the custom software development companies developing these systems is to ensure that the application is legally compliant, hack-proof, and free of technical glitches.   

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality

Traditionally, online businesses have faced problems related to showcasing their products to their prospective customers. While they could put videos and pictures of the products in apps or on the website, their customers wanted more.

Virtual and augmented reality has brought businesses many steps ahead. VR and AR are no more just for the gaming industry; almost all the sectors can take advantage of VR & AR to make their customers happy.

E-commerce apps have come far beyond the typical product listings. It is now possible to visualize with a very high level of accuracy how a piece of furniture looks in your room. The customer can try a piece of jewelry virtually through the app.  

Now even the Architecture and Design industry is reaching out to their customers by giving them a real-life experience of the products and services through augmented reality apps. And, you can imagine the vast potential of these apps in the travel industry also.

The demand is high. But, the development of VR & AR apps comes with its own set of challenges for the app development companies. The development of these apps is expensive, time-consuming, and there is a lack of availability of options in technological frameworks. But, time and experience will help the companies overcome these as well.


It is not feasible for every app development company to work with all the technologies. And, it is not possible for them to develop expertise with all the emerging technologies in a short time-span. The best custom software development teams are those who have mastered this field after years of hard work.  

If you want to develop expertise with your core competencies, you must trade off and outsource IT solutions. You can’t do everything by yourself. And, you would not want to get into all domains without having the right resources. IT Outsourcing can give that perfect solution for all your needs. So, why waste your time trying to do everything all by yourself?  

Are you looking for personalized, cost-effective, and secure solutions in custom software development, app development, or IT outsourcing? We are here to help!    

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